Our Vision

Empowering community on Base.

We're building a modern brand bridging culture from crypto to the real world.



Becoming a portal to DeFi for both new and experienced crypto users on Base.

  • LoboSwap 1.0
  • Incentivized LOBO/WETH and LOBO/USDC pools
  • Partner with new projects for token distribution
  • Integrate quick, low-fee bridging into LoboSwap


Partnering with global accounts to expand the LOBO community.

Seek listings on small, medium and large exchanges.

Work with wallet providers to make it easy to swap for $LOBO.

LOBO Street

Launching a premium clothing line inspired by the LOBO community and ethos.

Threads that stand on their own as street apparel.
Retail clothing that can be bought using just your Web 3 Wallet.


Free claimable NFTs commemorating LoboSwap launch, community milestones, and events.

A unique avatar collection for all Base users - Free pfp NFTs for anyone on Base, to spread the look and presence of LOBO.

The Future

Building a one-of-a-kind brand on Base that transcends the digital space into the real world.